About Renée and Dreams After All

I give thanks to my mother, a trained artist, who introduced me to
the world of art - and I never looked back. She shared her love of
specific artists with me at every opportunity she got. We explored
museums together and she taught me about various art forms.
Most importantly, she encouraged me to immerse myself in art
projects and “everything creative.” My father was a tenor and had
a gorgeous voice which must be why I was fascinated with music
as well. I began singing at 18 months old and eventually built
a career as a singer songwriter, starting in my teens.

Early on, I became interested in creating greeting cards, both
the designs and message. And the rest is history. Initially I
made cards for my friends, but it evolved into a career as I
noticed that people were drawn to my art and uplifting messages.

Like most artists, I started from the ground floor, selling my cards
door-to-door! I am happy to say that over the last 12 years,
my cards have been marketed to Whole Foods Market and
several other gift stores with great success.

I absolutely love creating products that people can enjoy and
use. I am never short of ideas or words, and I continue to delve
into new art forms as well as other products every chance I get.
My greatest joy comes from sharing with others and hoping to
touch someone’s heart.

Thank you for visiting my shop! Sincerely, Renée