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    What's New!  New Artwork on Kimonos and Peignoirs Just Released!

    What's New! New Artwork on Kimonos and Peignoirs Just Released!

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    • Creativity is sometimes illusive. It comes and goes at different times, and for me, it is rooted in so many different things. When I am feeling some disconnection with my creativity, I take a break and take some time for myself. Sometimes i may go relax out by the pool or going to the beach, other times I love to take a yoga class! I even consider a break for myself by painting colorful things that are fun to paint. One of many things I enjoy painting are birds. Peacocks for instance truly inspire me since they represent the celebration of life, the power to overcome obstacles, and freedom from fear, I love to paint them. The peacock is also a powerful solar spirit and symbol that is related to fame, splendor, life, good health, strength, and thus prosperity. What could be more inspirational than fame and fortune - right? Just kidding -

    My Creative Space

    Welcome to Dreams After All where passion meets joy and is expressed in color, words and design. Leading with my heart has forever been the basis of my life in both music and the art I create. I began my journey as a singer/songwriter and an artist at a very young age. I started my career as an artist when I created my greeting card company. I am passionate about many things and I love to connect people with words, music and inspired art. It is my wish to share and give back whenever possible. I hope you might stay a little while, and if you feel like it, send me a quick hello! I'd love to hear what inspires you on your journey. After all, we all have dreams! Best wishes along all your travels in this life we all share together! Namasté.

    Hearts On Fire

    Hearts On Fire

    Oh my goodness - A very colorful favorite!  Hearts and roses all... 


    Renee Rubach is a fine artist who works primarily in water color. Below are a collection of her pieces that she has lovingly created inspired by life that surrounds her.

    hand painted peacockhand painted dove on a branch covered in flowershand painted abstract landscape with pink and red hearts