Make someone's day with handmade cards from Dreams After All located in Sunny California where the author/artist, Renee Rubach, lives with her husband and adorable Jack Russell-Chihuahua who takes off their shoes when they arrive home every single day!

Are you tired of the same old greeting card designs? If you want to provide a beautiful, unique, and thoughtful greeting card for a special occasion, Dreams After All has what you need. My range of handmade greeting cards will make anyone’s day anywhere you send one of our cards.

What These Handmade Cards Are Perfect For

Do you have a loved one’s birthday coming up? Perhaps, sadly, a friend or loved one had a family tragedy. No matter the occasion, these handmade greeting cards are perfect for showing your love, sympathy, thanks, or birthday wishes.

Best of all, these are unique cards, full of personality, expression, and gorgeous art. You and your card recipient will delight in the hand-drawn and hand-painted pictures that are printed onto handpicked, high-end cardstock and hand-glittered by the artist. Each card is something your loved one can treasure for years to come.

How My Handmade Cards Are Different

Since my youth, I have loved art. This love expresses itself in each card I design, as each card is handmade with care. You won’t find any generic or impersonal cards in this collection. I can send my work from Agoura Hills to Thousand Oaks, CA, or wherever you need it.

How to Find the Perfect Handmade Card

Below, find a range of colorful and personalized cards perfect for every occasion. Whether you want one for an upcoming birthday or just because, Dreams After All has the perfect card for you. Discover your next greeting card today.