5 Reasons You Should Still Be Sending Greeting Cards

5 Reasons You Should Still Be Sending Greeting Cards

by Adam Taylor

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You’ve gone to your mailbox for your regularly scheduled junk mail purge and bill gathering, and you find a brightly colored envelope in the mix. Is this just some clever marketing ploy from a company trying to sell you wicker basket insurance/carpet polish/pool coozies? The hand written name and address looks legit, and it’s not the printed handwriting font that has tricked you before. Did you receive an actual piece of mail sent by another human being that isn’t trying to sell you something? Congratulations! You’ve just received a greeting card! Greeting Cards aren’t just for Christmas and Birthdays. Here are 5 reasons why you should still be sending Greeting Cards.

Oscar Wilde quote A Flower Blossoms for its own joy greeting card

Reason 1: It will be totally unexpected

Due to the decline of mail correspondence, your card will arrive as a complete and pleasant surprise. Like mentioned above, the card market isn’t only cornered by unbelievably cute labradors stuffed into Xmas stockings. There are cards for almost any occasion. If you can’t find a card that fits your occasion there are thousands of cards that are blank inside to make it your own and say exactly what you want it to say. To be perfectly frank, you don’t even need an occasion to send someone a care just to remind them that you are thinking about them. What a great way to put a smile on a friend's face with very little effort.


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Reason 2: Your Grandparents will love it!

Many view greeting cards as a relic of the past but for the older generations cards were wonderfully colorful memories and keepsakes of thoughtfulness. Whether that older loved one lives far away or in the same city, a simple gesture of sending them a card will assuredly brighten their day. Have you ever seen an octogenarian lovingly place the cards that she received in the mail to have a constant visual reminder that a loved one was thinking about her on their birthday or during the holidays? It's the purest thing ever. Such a small gesture can have a huge impact on someone you care about.


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Reason 3: You could be supporting an independent artist

Did sending greeting cards decline because major corporations sucked the life, humanity, and joy out of the entire process? Is shopping for greeting cards in a department store joyless because the aisle is poorly maintained, nothing but mismatched envelopes, and sporadic stock prevented you from buying cards? Have you avoided the greeting card aisle at your usual department store because some random stranger was parked right in front of the section you need to browse? If you are looking for something more unique than Hallmark or American Greetings can provide, many independent artists have created cards around their artworks. Finding hand-made or hand painted cards are even easier to find these days thanks to sites like Etsy and Amazon. Supporting small business and local artists is always a good thing because your money goes back into the community and not on some spreadsheet of a corporate bigwig who doesn’t care about you or the products they are peddling.  


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Reason 4: Greeting cards are an overlooked way of connecting with people

Social distancing, sheltering at home, and even the digital age finds us more separate than ever. A greeting card brings a more personal touch to connecting with friends and loved one more than any digital media could. The time spent to address, stamp, and mail the card show personal effort in connecting with the recipient. Sending thank you cards are a great way to show your appreciation for just about anything where gratitude is appropriate -- that interviewer who you really clicked with when interviewing for a new job, someone that went out of their way to help you with something important, that department head for including you on an important zoom call at work, your favorite mechanic that worked his magic and came in 300 bucks under budget, or to a reliable person who is always there for you when you need them. “This card [or art] reminded me of you. Hope you are having a good day.” should be all the reason that you need to send a card.


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Reason 5: You could be improving someone's mental health

In our current climate with COVID-19 and beyond, receiving an unexpected and physical reminder that someone is thinking of you could be a huge boon to your mental health. With mental health awareness on the rise and more than enough reasons in the world to struggle with depression, a simple gesture of receiving a heartfelt card in the mail could be what keeps their head above water for one more day or on the day that they need it the most. What a beautiful thought. A small piece of cardstock with a pretty picture and a handwritten note could make all the difference to someone. The Mood Treatment Center, an organization that offers a broad range of treatments from natural healing to therapy and medications, corroborates this with “Cards like this can make a real difference. A simple note of support lowers the risk of suicide among people with depression. It can also help the sender. Giving freely to others is a pretty sure path to a happier life.


Whether it's your traditional Christmas Card mail out, the yearly Birthday card, or a “Just-because” card, you could really brighten someone’s day with just a little effort. There are so many great cards to choose from out there that weren’t cranked out by the heartless corporate machine. Not only could you be putting a smile on your intended recipient’s face, supporting an independent artist or your local boutique spreads joy in another direction as well. Lifting the spirits of a grandparent, shining a little light for someone in a dark place, or just reminding a friend that you love them, there really is no losing when it comes to sending a greeting card. 

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